There's a Ringing in the Air

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Now Available - Browse Wind Chimes Gallery

We are happy to announce that Quiet Creek will be carrying a new line of handcrafted wind chimes designed by Arizona artist Kevin Groninga. These chimes create an amazing, relaxing tone and are a work of art in their simplicity of design and beauty.

Made from quality materials such as oak, hardened steel, aluminum and pure copper, the attention to detail is what sets these apart from wind chimes you find in most retail settings.

  • Bells are hand cut, filed, chamfered, drilled and polished to bring out the shine and natural texture of the metal
  • Tuned at precise lengths to form a beautiful musical chord
  • Wood elements are hand sanded, stained or painted and sealed with several coats of high-gloss urethane
  • Hand drilled and assembled with heavy paracord



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    • Such a soothing symphony in the air. Love it!

      Val on

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